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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Questions & Answers with Dr. Swamy


I give as good as I get - S. Swamy

--Remember that AE Services originally belonged to A.C. Muthiah, cousin of PC, who facilitated Quattrocchi payment. So now you see why ?

--Walter Vinci has landed in India. Told Vishkanya that he will tell all unless AP govt gave him a fat contracts. Why AP?

-- Rothschild, Amartya Sen's father in law got an inexplicable contract in 3G auctioneering for a hefty --fee. Why? I am investigating.

-- Another big corruption scandal will erupt involving Vishkanya, PC, AP CM Krishna Reddy, Minister Gita Reddy;around missing Rs.100,000 crores

-- Why should Shekhar G of IE have so many houses including in Malcha Marg in N Delhi,in Sona in Haryana etc.? Not to mention several in SFDA?

-- If a company sues me for defaming it,by my allegedly falsely stating that Karthi owns it, does it mean they accept that he is disreputable?

--Why so keen on being sued?Because the Aircel Maxis deal FIPB clearance by PC was based on a financial fraud.What fraud?See next press conf.

-- The so called Babri Masjid case of CBI is as bogus and ridiculous as the the attempt to foist a case against me on the DNA article.

-- Delhi-based Doctors to US Doctors: Vishkanya developed acute claustrophobia--implying Glioma is worsening faster than pancreatic cancer

-- Axioms for PTs:1) By DNA, we are one indigenous people.2. Varna is power divide on chosen vocation.3. We all, incl SC&ST, are born Shudras.

-- Corollary to Axioms: Ambedkar is Pandit, Nehru is Vaishya.Buddhu claim of Brahmin a joke.Birth-based Varna is retrogation.Jati acc to birth

-- I have been proved right on IPL by Mumbai Police raid last night in Juhu Hotel. IPL as of now is a front for prostitution drugs black money

-- This Hamid lady who was supposed to have been mauled by a IPL cricketeer, was staying in Maurya Sheraton, and hence who paid the tariff?

-- Forecast:Jul'12:PC accused in 3 cases; Kalaam President; Aug'12: LS re-opens ; more CAG scams. Sep' 12:UPA loses LS vote; Oct'12:LS mid term

-- Only way Jagan will come out of jail without a memory loss injection is if he spills the beans on Sonia foreign accounts.

Q.You are not a politician; you are an avatar. Please save Tamil Nadu from Dravidian Parties. Please save India from Sonia Mafia.
A. Liberation coming soon. We are Indians first, Tamil afterwards.

Q. so is this a personal revenge or for national intrest?
A. Nothing is more enjoyable than when national interest and revenge merge.

Q. Namaste! May Maa Durga give you all power to wipe out Islamic terror and to punish all traitors.
A. I too pray to her. Eliminate root and branch India's enemies are a man of your told an year ago (when 2G matter was hot )not 2 b surprised if u later support mms and defend him .
A.  For the same reason that Lord Rama explained to Lakshman why he preferred Sugrive to Bali. Or Krishna made the 5 village offer

Q. PM & PMO adopted similar patern as 2G spectrum scam when selling precious National resources Coal blocks,Oil fields,etc! Huge loot!
A. Dont forget that every such decision is vetted by Vishkanya. So why is she being kept out from demanded probe?

Q. How have the TV serials Ramayan & Mahabharat in the late 80s contributed to Indian spiritualism?
A. Our people came to learn about epics

Q. no sir but it sounds like you said Naxalites with "hidden malice".
A.  Naxalites have open malice toward Democracy

Q. Sir u opinion on Baba Ramdev, as a yoga guru & crusader against corruption for Black Money ??
A. Wonderful and super

Q. Sir,Why protect him? He is supporting nation looters! Let every single one of them be crucified by law.
A. Why not Sonia too? What is behind the silence on her culpability?

Q. How many Buddhu supporters gunning for MMS?
A. Why only MMS being held responsible? Why not Sonia also? Does she have no power? There lies the plot.

Q. PM as Coal Minister allocated 155 coal blocks at throw away price to Pvt Cos without auction & resulted into 1.89 lakh crs loss-CAG
A. File a case instead cheering or jeering like a spectator.

Q. Swamiji u think he is bechara, I think he is disgrace and spineless, follows Gita literally 'kartha kriya karma all god'
A. Bottom line is I don't want him to quit just because Sonia wants him out.

-- I asked Team Anna to tell me under which Section of the PC Act the PM is prima facie guilty. No answer. Helping Sonia to get rid of MMS?

Q. Another is it that difficult for Sonia to drop MMS? She just need to ask and he will comply.
A.  I learn that MMS has told her that he will not resign.

Q. Sir, why do u always call names to Team Anna.Don't U think they deserve some credit for spreading awareness against corruption?
A. Is Naxalite a term of abuse? Ask them..

Q. We Hindus are greatly indebted to people like you. You are one of us and that makes us proud. Thank you.
A. I am a battle scarred fighter for the long haul. My moral compass is Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Q. Sir its my dream to see Sonia in prison, but since she is King of this battle, pawns like PC MMS shudbe kicked out first 
A. MMS is not a pawn. He is in the way of Buddhu becoming PM.

Q. As a professor, ,how was ur personality?Strict or liberal?Had u punished ur students 4 incomplete work or less mark?
A. Liberal when asking questions but hard if you skipped class

Q. Is SONIA's upcoming foreign trip related to her health issues
A. Obvious if purpose not disclosed.

Q. I only trust Dr Swamy. Sir, you alone can undo the damage done and only you can lead this country to glory
A. If destiny beckons who can stop it. So we do our bit and leave the rest to God.

Q. Dr.Swamy, why do you feel poverty shouldn't be the criteria for quotas? Why should quotas be based on caste,religion etc.?
A. Poverty of former ruling classes need only scholarships and tuitions in education and nothing more.

Q. Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy condemns move to challenge HC order on minority quotas
A. If I get time I will Implead as a party in SC to argue.

Q. Sir, can't you choose judges for your cases. Prash.Bhu. gives list of judges for SIT formation. looks like TA has contempt for laws
A. What do you expect from Naxalites?

Q. Thank you for the first ever reply sir ! I awake to see a better, & strong India.I hope to energize many bloods for this purpose !
A.  I get about 2500 tweet questions every day so my answering is kind of a lottery outcome

Q. sir, wats ur view abt jagan mohan reddy's arrest. i feel cbi(congress investigation department) trying to convict him as culprit
A. He should disclose what he and his family know about Sonia.

Q. sir, will you be with Baba on 3rd June?
A.  I am at a RSS rally in Gauhati on that date.

Q. GM Swamiji. you are my hero.Who was your hero?
A.  It changed with my age.

Q. Sir the prophecies of Nostradamus are rarely wrong.If so then we are well on our way to see a new resurgent India with u the lead!
A. Nostradamus said it will be a person with a monk's name from where the three seas meet--Swamy from TN ?

Q. i mean what is your view regarding he becoming BJP's PM Candidate
A. you want me to annoy other aspirants?

Q. Over 58 yrs of congress rule,ignored hindu decimation in pakistan from 22% to 1%,loudly helped islamic palestine cause,anti-hindu?
A. In B'Desh Hindus down from 32% to 7%. 1/3 of Muslims back in India as infiltration. Demand 1/3 territory back.

Q. But tell me one thing. PC is a Hindu. Why he doesnt say or do anything?
A. He was a Christian stooge in the 60s.Commie in the 70s. Hijda in the 80s. Wanted to join BJP in the late 90s, and VK chumcha now.

Q. Heard Gen V K Singh... How does A K Antony have an HONEST image...
A.  If you do nothing and delegate power to Vishkanya's officers then a zero acquires a clean image. He is clean but zero

Q. Relentless fall in rupee seems some kinda financial conspiracy to me, request your views
A. True

A. Of course. China is doing it all the time.

Q.  Is anybody in cong inspired by Virat Hindutva n to be part of our next Virat Hindutva Govt?
A. Of course.

Q. sir, do u think Sanjay Joshi exit will prove good for BJP/NDA?
A. Keeping Modi on board is worth other exits too.

A. no anger but upset over Joshi

A. Yes

Q. sir wonder what political forces stopped you from becoming FM in either of '77, '90 or '98 :(
A. 90 and 98 Ambani. 77 ABV

Q. sir.Will USD never come back to Rs 45 levels...
A. Year 2017: Re1=$1

Q. why is rupee falling faster than the g force. UPA II traitors must be tried for treason.
A. It is an anti-national conspiracy. Collecting data.

Q. Sir who is controlling VK ? She's not very smart is she?
A. Opus Dei

Q. sir you are one chosen by Aurobindo & 1 of 100 people Vivekananda mentioned. How about 99 other? plz find them
A. Resolve and be one of the hundred.

Q. sir, there is something strange abt IPL none of the franchisees are making money but there appears to be some other motive
A. Zero profit on declared accounts. But in black--huge profit.

Q. It was Pak.Agression in tribal garb, whole world knows it, am I right Swamy Sir?
A. Absolutely and a violation of the 1947 Indian Independence Act enacted by British Parliament to create Pakistan!

Swamy: I was told 20 years ago that in effect Congi will split and so will BJP and a new Virat Hindutva party will be formed
- when was this going to happen according to the prophecy?
Swamy: starting 2013

Q. sir is priyanka-varda marriage still on? Or just for facade?
A. Till property is divided. Jhagda is on

Q. sir, I never touched alcohol, cigrette, tobacco, drugs etc. and it feels so pure.
A. Good. Influence others to be likewise

Q. Am curious - why only former Soviet Union; why are girls from Europe not preferred by Delhi politicos ?
A. Ask PC

Q. Should there not be a probe into where all the money for Ganga cleaning plan has gone?
A. Of course.

Q. PV Narasimha Rao reinvented India – so why is he the forgotten man?
A. Because he paid no attention to Vishkanya

Q. SWAMY JI, why pro Hindu voices are labelled as communal while anti Hindus as seculars?
A. Because we are ashamed to be called communal. So say: Yes we are renaissance or positive communalists proudly

Q. Yesterday's news says room was booked in the name of Deccan Charger Owner Mr Reddy.
A. Were any Central ministers visiting her in her hotel room earlier, which wires were pulled to get NCW to issue Notice? Need NIA

Q.  just like how a parliament is not responsible for an MP's individual behavior.IPL can't be responsible for every players' conduct!
A. Those women who shaken their respective bottoms whenever a six or a four is hit, are doing it on their own? Uzbekistan!

Q. Times of India has been promoting this Page 3 culture which encourages youth to have this late night partying life style.
A. We shall need a new cultural renaissance to change our perspective, not ape the West. Can't make India one big "Dirty Picture".

Q. sir. I hold you in very high regards. But blaming the IPL is not right. Parties, prostitution, corruption happen even without it.
A. Listen bleeding heart. Murders take place with IPC. We don't know how many murders will take place without IPC. Same logic

Q. Sir right now we need economic reforms...the inaction of this corrupt govt is hurting the country badly..We can deal with IPL later
A.  IPL is small potato. I intend to fix it on my way to the bigger goal.

Q. AC NIELSEN survey says 10% of respondents believed that P Chidambaram has not played any role in 2G SCAM!  90% believed role?
A. Pollsters in India are another porn like IPL

Q.  swamy sir do you think prostitution and taking drugs in a party is a national matter?
A. Yes. It impinges on our national security and resolve. Usually foreign intelligence agencies sponsor such parties & photo it

Q. Most of my friends working in telecom ind don't know the status of 2G scam case n haven't rd abt Aircel-Maxis deal
A. Shows that the talk that my PIL on 2G worsened Telecom industry is bogus

Q. Arent all Capitalists ventures?Boot legging Breweries, Concensual Love Singhvi Style,Orange Mercedes Benz.10 capitalistCommandments
A. you are  usual dumb. Singhvi tape is not about consensual sex but about how some judges are being decided by Congi. Sound like a defunct Marxist.

Q. A lot of young Indians I talk to seem very uninformed about politics. Why is that the case? It baffles me.
A. British cum Nehru influence which we have to wipe out.

Q. ur views mamta walking out of cnn-ibn show?
A. High society English speaking crowd does not show deference to her . So she gets irritated.

Q. Sir,when I try to convince ppl about your efforts,its always the same reply that u r 1 man army. do u have any plans to change tat.
A. They have been saying that of everybody since Adi Sankara. Even Gandhi was called one man army.

Q. if atalji didnt do that cbi case favour maino was in jail this time
A. Correct

Q. Sir Any suggestions for youth who is eager to join in any political establishment (Party).?!!
A. First love politics, second resist immoral temptation. Third, a thick skin

Q. sir reason of bjp leniency on congress?especially on viskanya.any deal?
A. That is what Yeddurappa saying nowadays. Ask him

Q. How can a religion based on lies lead to God?
A. Let anyone practice their religion within the law of the land, and not mess with Hindus.

Q. sir when soon in government we trust you still will be such a close guiding family member to all tweeples tweeting just as u do now
A. Of course. Ministries come and go but PTs won't .

Q. sir, looks from ur interviews that u r against cinema people? Is any specific reason for the same?
A. Cinema people should remain where they are. Entertainment.They have no brains or moral calibre. Most salute the criminals.

Q. how young were u when u you first started reading bhagawad gita?
A. Reading very early. Understanding in the Emergency

Q. People who do not respect you, need not communicate indecently in the twitters. Freedom is not a license to say anything.
A. When rabid dogs growl we humans know what to do.

Q. Why are u anti-muslims?
A. How do you define anti-muslim?

Q. A SecurityGuard Vikas Dalvi Who Stoppd  Says He has Fear Of His Life and already Left the Mumbai 
A. Probably fears the underworld backing SRK and the cocaine dealers.

Q. rubbish... Anyone born in India irrespective of his cast creed and religion is Indian.. There is no "hindustan" as u perceive it
A. I am defining our identity. It is for the people to find something better if it exists

Q. good for society if u can define ur identity not our identity
A. You will learn the hard way one day that people like me will be empowered to define our national identity.

Q. try to build a temple in Pakistan and you'll know what negitive and positive is
A.  Or try celebrate deepavali in Saudi Arabia even inside your house.

Q. whats your secularism idea?
A.  All religions lead to God so no persecution. But Hindus consider Sanatana Dharma as fast track to God and bas #

Q. sir i remembr u saying Anna wants to change the laws.. DOnt u thnk it is neccesry as Rajas & Kalmadis r roaming free
A. Why don't you migrate to a country without democracy.

Q. UP govt wants centre to increase Haj quota.What is the use of the congress not winning the UP anyways sir?
A. The answer lies in creating a Hindu vote bank.

Q. Why did Chidu rig Sivaganga election? He won after recounting
A. Not after recounting. He won by threatening the R.O. and got it.

Q. yeddi burying bjp in kar. AJ&SS burying national bjp.except namo in gujrat all bjp leaders crooks for sale cong b team.grt future!
A. Dont get alarmed. RSS is the electric power station, BJP are electric bulbs.

Q. PT want to know why you wanted to go inside Taj ? Reveal please.
A. To know what was stored below. But was denied permission which on Morarji's persuasion I abided by.

Q. Sir, Your thinking is clear and your beliefs have never changed like other politicians. Bharta needs you badly.
A. I leverage my politics on tactics.My strategic vision is steady--Virat Hindustan,with democracy and market economy

Q. You forgot one important detail. You, I and all others are decedents of Babar & His Soldiers who raped our women & Our Men Gave in
A. Learn some arithmetic and geometric progression before foolishly tweeting.

Q. who are the best authors to read about indian history?
A. Start with K.M. Panikkar, then write to Rajiv Malhotra,

Q.  Kitne aur Yeddy chahiye  ke bhadve. Pura BJP to bhrashtachar main sada hua hain.
A. A pure untouched lotus will emerge from this keechhad.

Q. Doubt it Professor. U were harsh in words after riots inspite of friendship. News media reports spinned a lot then
A. You must be Sonia's tutee. Friend does not mean I cannot speak.After Godhra's train fire massacre I wanted action.

Q. sir, u think thol thirumavalavan and J.Jayalalita belong 2 same DNA, i dont think so and im not a casteist or racist
A. You are ignorant in implying skin colour. Michael Jackson proved skin colour is pigmentation not DNA.Visuals Ha!

Q. actually we all including sc/st are born Brahmins and none remains so.
A. During Muslim rule, Brahmins were forced to carry excreta on their head.The Hindu society declared them "out-caste".So 1% to18%.

Q. ji,u belive even if muslims accept their ancestors r hindus,will they give up their terrorist activities?
A.  That will be the beginning of the end of homegrown Islamic terrorism.

Q. these Irulas of TN ,also belong 2 same DNA of J.J ? 
A.  Yes DNA wise. Exposure to Sun and nutrition does the rest.

Q.  i agree with u in case of nutrition, as it also plays imp role in our body shape,color n all..but sun rays fall equally on all.
A. If you live inside and someone works in the field, sun rays impact differently. It takes generations to correct it.

Q. Any scope for co-operation between you & People's Union for Civil Liberties ? Both use legal means to set +ve legal precedents
A. PUCL is Left wing

Q. Every Time Hinidi and Eng Media Pullinng The Leg of a Great Leader like , Modi Bt didnt Critisize PC and Buddhu
A. ah! When we come to power later this year, it will be the opposite.

Q. Sir don't you think Cong has set a precedent of using media & if BJP follows,no hope for democracy.ppl will not know truth.
A. I was not tweeting about what we will do but what the media would suo moto do.

Q. ji-in present context, what is d best solution of caste divide in Hindu society? Inter-caste marriages and/or something else??
A. No forced marriages. Love marriage ok

Q. Sir u r plans to be in parliament thro RS or LS any time soon ?
A. In this lame Parliament? Jan Sabha is better than Lok Sabha

Q. Stab me, but don't question my integrity: Chidambaram Which one do you prefer sir?
A. When he is already bleeding why spoil a knife?

Q. SWAMY JI, was PC your student at harvard? It's just a query.
A.  That is what he declared in 1977. If he been a high grade student I would have remebered him as I did Seshan

Q. I 2 don't like her much, but why do you want to spread such news, atleast we shud show some humanity. Sorry if i say anything wrong
A.  Because she has spied and snooped on me for the last ten years. So she should know that I give as good as I get.

Q.  Sorry Mr Swamy, whatever hatred is, some bodies illness shouldn't be made a talk of town like this.
A.  You keep your morality strong and I will mine. There is no universal law for all situations especially when in war and in peace

Q. can anyone file a PIL that CBI is not independent of HM and so has to be made free?we'll solve a major problem
Already before the Supreme court

Q. SIr, even today southern oldies hail emergency, claim that first time they saw good administration.
A. Arrange a paid vacation of three years to Nigeria or Singapore for them. They will be cured.

Q. Ji - In Democracy vote of stupid counts same as of intelligent. There is no better form of governance yet? Even in theories?Ji - In Democracy vote of stupid counts same as of intelligent. There is no better form of governance yet? Even in theories?
A. It depends how you define stupid. In 1977, illiterate North voted out Indira and Sanjay. Literate intelligent South voted for her.

Q.  they are following their forefathers, the invaders perhaps? we should not however make the same mistake rajputs did by forgiving!:)
A. Good resolve! But lack of grace?

Q. Dr.S.Swamy says Caste system is not on the basis of Birth in Hindu religion.So what is the basis?
A. the code of discipline for each varna

Q. Dr.swami why don't you carry a parellel operation against media , they are also equally responsible for curruption ,
A.  Low value target reserved when in govt.

Q.  admire ur confidence in stating abt ur sources openly!
A. Secret from whom? Right from Indira to Abv to Vishkanya my home, computor and even dog are under surveillance. Only PTs in dark

Q. These r men & women of straws, in position due to patronage.CNNIBN fig leaf on cash4vote a scam
A. Yes I think some day CNN. IBN must be probed for its culpability for the cash for votes scam

Q. Sir..whats your take on the UPA machinery moving on SRK issue at US airport...but nothing on visa being denied to NaMO by US/UK!!
A. are you surprised?

Q. u and NaMo alone are hope of India Sir.
A. We have got together so relax

Q.  aren`t u fed up by such allegations everytime?
A.  No it sharpens my legal knowledge.

Q.  Sir, do u knw Buddhu sends a man to Singapore to sell gifts that he get from his chamchas.
A. When in France, Buddhu anchors in Maxis owner's father in law's house.

Q. Amartya sen is political. Remeber how he denied Dr  a professor post bcoz he dint concur wid his ideas
A. Sen will be prosecuted for the Nalanda Univ fraud one of these days.

Q.  What is this new Nalanda Univ fraud? Some light pl. But, Sen is too old for anything
A. May be for a fourth wife.

Q.  I have an understanding that MMS's daughter is also involved in Nalanda Univ?
A.  That is collateral damage.

Q. Italy playing with Indian law, says SC
A. Playing? Debasing it

Q. Swiss a/c holders’ names soon.  sir,9295 crores?Is that all?Isnt the actual estimate at least 800 times that?
A. Since Jan 1 2012. That is the agreement with Swiss. You know why this cut off date.

Q. yes, but Dr Kalam is old now - we do not want such old people as PM or President. Do we not have young eminent ppl?
A. Anushka?

Q. u want kalam... has he accepted his ancestors were hindus? if not, u contradict urself..right?
A.  Obviously you have not read what Kalaam has written and spoken.

Q. Do you think the current BJP as B team of old JP or B team of Sonia Congress?
A.  I know which is better. Do you?

Q. Chartred Accountants are amongst the top 5 reasons for corruption in India.. Others are politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers & bizmen.
A. Most of all, spectators and commentators

Q. No evidence of Rajiv Gandhi taking bribe: Bofors whistleblower || Conclusive evidence against Quattrocchi ★
A. what I as Law Minister told Rajiv is: "They got the loot and you got the boot". RG laughed since he knew I was a friend.

Q. Can we put a hold on the 2 billion $ accrue in name of Rajiv G in Swiss bank.
A. Yes we can, but who?

Q. Is Manohan Malhotra, Secy General of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in 2000s a lawyer? Was he involved in Bofors accused case?
A. IFS I think. Nehru family harem member

Q. As per the intrw, RG didnt took bribe for bofors but covrd Quattrocchi? on whose behest? 
A. vish kanya and Walter Vinci

Q. Sir Walter Vinci -> Raul Vinci ? ? ? Who is this "GentleMan" ?
A. Now Divorced husband of Anuskha. he was planted by Sonia on RG when went to sign Bofors deal in Stockholm

Q. Hail u sir,u r national hero,sir pls comment something ab8 manu singhvi he was promising women lawyer a judge post in return 4 sex.
A. Would my fight against corruption be benefited if I fritter energy for such things? If I caught Sibal on such a tape then!

Q. Yes, de wd hve declrd dat natnl hertge long bak if it were a NanakSetu,IshamashihSetu or AllahaSetu!.Garb Se Kaho hum Bhartiya hain
A.  Every kabiristan of those who plundered India is a national monument.But for Rama I have to fight.Junk this secularism.

Q. Well..lets not get at NANAK please.Sikhs are our bravest brothers.Totally hounded in 1984 despite their sacrifice.
A. We are Hindus today largely due to Gurus Tegh Bahadur and Gobind Singh. Hindus must never desert Sikhs

Q.Your Comments Sir on the AMS CD
A.  What is there to comment? He got caught--that is fault. But what about others with Niira Radia etc?

Q. BlackMail by Intelligence of Sr.Politicos 4m across border is a source of destabilising threats 2 India?
A. Absolutely. hawala operators moving their money abroad also give details to ISI, so no hanging of Afzal Guru.

Q. Ustinov was to intvw IG on the day. Close 2 Gorbchev. Had KGB & Putin links. See Rani blog & TIME mag link ->
A. The only this can make sense is that KGB wanted to clear the way for Sonia. That day Sonia did not accompany IG to interview.

A. Sometimes I say roast PC but that does not mean I should like tandoori chicken.

Q. Sir what's ur view on Clash of Civilizations by Prof Samuel Huntington?
A. A bit overdrawn

Q.  Just want to ask a question sir..what may be estimate of black money of india overall acc. to you..
A.   At least half trillion dollars.

Q. Sir you tweeted long back that PC was with Russian Pros. Now we hear that there is some CD too.You are great Sir.
A. There must be CDs of other nationalities too taken in the massage parlour in a low cost hotel next to Ashoka.

Q. Sir it seems like next is pc after manu singivi surpise to me where is pig vijaj and zero sibal
A.  British Intelligence have those tapes of females supplied by Vedanta Inc.

Q. sir why dont you, with swami ramdev announce a political party...or merge swami ramdev with your janata party publicly....
A. Sadhus should be advisers margdharshaks not kshatriyas.

Q. Sir what u feel about Sri KanchiSri jagadguru of Kanchi peetham. Fresh allegations have been made against him. Feels bad sir.
A: Part of the Sonia's Vatican driven conspiracy

Q. Sir, what do you predict about Uttrakhand and Punjab Elections? Has BJP got any chances?
A. If No EVM magic then BJP all the way.

Q. Yeddy is no Sugrive. Karnataka will Grieve if he comes back. He and Reddys are Rascals & corrupt to core. Our Nation need honesty.
A. Name a saint in the queue. I lead; if any want to follow they can.

Q. Kripa shankar singh gave false affedevit of his education
A. Like his videshi leader like desi follower

Q. sir, as the court has rejected your appeal against sonia, what next?
A. Which court and when? You mean chamchas court in 10 Janpath?

Q. Why he has fewer followers on Twitter than celebrities and stars?
A. “In forest there are 1,000 goats and one tiger. Who is more powerful?”

Q.  The secret of your health and charm?
A. “Don't care for outcomes. Work for a goal. If failed, blame God. If success, credit to God.”

Q.  Anna Hazare’s methods versus his
A.  “Anna is primary school and I am the university.... I personally like Anna. But his team is Naxalite.”

Q. Why he was made law minister, not finance, in the Chandra Shekhar government?
A. “Dhirubhai Ambani's tricks. Not my choosing.”

Note: These word-by-word questions and answers are mostly taken from Dr. Swamy's conversation with tweeples. Amar Bharat is not answerable for any query in this regard.