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Sunday, 3 February 2013

When crime isn’t minor

Which salt does Sushil Kumar Shinde consume?

Paush Krushnapaksha 5, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

By Mr. Arun Ramteerthakar, Senior journalist, Solapur

Last whole week, blabbering of Sushil Kumar Shinde regarding ‘saffron’ terrorism is shaking the whole nation. Everybody is thinking that why was Shinde, who has insulted 100 crores Hindus, felt so much of affinity towards an enemy country like Pakistan. With rulers addressing terrorists with respect and branding patriots as terrorists, it has become imperative to establish Hindu Nation.

‘Chintan (brain-storming)’ and Congress have no connection with each other !

The ‘Chintan’ session of Congress was held at Jaipur. When the position of the party is ‘whatever Sonia says, is the rule’, it is ridiculous that the party does any kind of ‘chintan’. Was this ‘chintan’ on the party’s claim of reducing inflation in 100 days or was it on how amusing statements like ‘A person earning Rs. 20/- per day is rich’ were published by the Government; but these were not the topics of ‘chintan’. Keeping 2014 in mind, crowning of Prince (?) Rahul was the main program. Leaving their duties, all Central cabinet ministers went to Jaipur to clap that included even Sushil Kumar Shinde; when file on the issue of whether Jharkhand is to be brought under President’s rule was lying on his table for 2 days; besides file of Afzal’s execution which is on his table for months. Shinde claimed ‘Hamane kahaa aur karake dikhaayaa (we said and we did)’ when Kasab was hanged; but he is mum about Afzal. Barring the period of Antulay as the Chief Minister and ‘RLA’, Shinde has been in power. He should now feel that he has had enough of publicity; but it appears that like Digvijay Singh, he also enjoys making frivolous, senseless and irresponsible statements creating controversies to gain publicity. It is quite surprising though. In Jaipur, Shinde referred to RSS and BJP as terrorists and stated that they held camps to train terrorists. This raises a doubt whether Shinde consumes salt of Solapur or of Karachi because a person, who brands a patriotic organization as terrorist, must be consuming Pakistani salt and being loyal to them.

It was said like saying on an inconsequential platform !

Question is very simple. Had Shinde been only a MP, nobody would have given any importance to what he said. As per the opinion of Shiv Sena, he has got the post by singing praises of Sonia Gandhi. If his statement is considered as that of the home Minister of this country, it seems that Shinde does not know what the responsibilities of his department are. The country is hollowed out with terrorism which is nurtured by outsiders as well as insiders; in addition, there is the problem of violence by naxalites. In such situation, a home minister of country should speak about terrorism with so much of responsibility. Earlier, as he used to talk wearing a round cap, in public meetings held at ‘Begum Peth’ or in ‘Paccha Peth’of Solapur, he spoke in the same manner. Till now, he never held the post of Home Minister, either at State level or in the Centre; therefore, he never had to talk about law and order. He used to boast that ‘I brought radio station; college, airport to Solapur; I am responsible for Solapur’s development’. That was different.

…Then why did you become Home Minister of the country ?

As a Home Minister, when you point finger at some organization as a terrorist organization; you must be doing so with proofs in hand. In that case, has Sonia Gandhi stopped you from imposing ban on RSS whose name you took with your sinister mouth? You are afraid of hanging Afzal and now if you are afraid of bringing ban on RSS even when you have proof, why have you become Home Minister? Shinde sahib, you only know better how you have been in power all these years, on the basis of your capability or something else. RSS, which you are now branding as RSS, was first banned by Nehru; second time, it was banned by Indira Gandhi whom you used to worship; third time, ban was imposed by Narasimhrao, whose name if you take with respect, you will be ousted from Congress. When Nehru and Indira Gandhi could not eliminate RSS despite imposing ban, is it possible for Sonia and Rahul ?

Are you going to impose ban on RSS or follow the path of Kesari?

Kasab died due to dengue. After creating the farce of hanging him and bragging that ‘I did what I said’, now, you said that ‘RSS is terrorist.’ If you have guts, impose ban on RSS for being terrorist. There is no point in telling you to accept your mistake and take back your statement; because you have not made such a statement innocently. It is the ‘Congressman’ in you who has made such statement. Your past President Sitaram Kesari had also called RSS as anti-national in Bhopal. RSS immediately filed a case of defamation when he went on back foot and claimed that he never said such thing. So Shinde sahib, now tell us, are you going to impose ban on RSS or follow the path of Sitaram Kesari? BJP is the second political party in this country and is in power in many States.

It is a tradition of UPA to accuse patriots as anti-nationals !

You never talk about imposing ban on ‘Majalis-e-Ittehadul Musleemin’ who had talked about finishing you and 'Brahmin' Rahul Gandhi with rest of Hindus within 15 minutes. You don’t bring ban on Mehbooba Mufti’s ‘People’s Democratic Party’ which is always spitting venom against Army. Forget about ban on ‘Hurriyat Conference’, your Government allows their leaders to go to Pakistan and hatch conspiracy against India. Your love for Pakistan is overwhelming. After beheading of two Indian soldiers, you kept quiet. During your UPA regime, it has become a practice to call patriots as anti-nationals and honour real traitors and therefore, you branded BJP as terrorist.

People won’t be misled by your immaturity !  

Look at the outcome of Modi being branded as anti-Muslims; but you don’t want to learn anything from it. Dr. Ambedkar threw his resignation at Nehru when he noted procrastination in respect of ‘Hindu Code Bill’, Chintamanrao Deshmukh showed his selflessness when he observed biased behaviour towards united Maharashtra issue and resigned; even Arif Mohammad Khan gave his resignation on the issue of Shah Bano case; but you cannot reach such height. By hovering around the door of ‘10, Janpath’, this is how one’s intellect will work. The statement, however, showed that there is not much difference between intellect of Digvijay Singh and Sushil Kumar Shinde. The sins committed by UPF have now crossed all limits. You may try to divert people’s attention from inflation, gang-rape etc. but you cannot deceive people with your immaturity. People will show you, your right place in 2014 elections.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Questions for Hafiz Saeed

MJ Akbar
03 February 2013, 05:29 AM IST

A question for the internationally recognised terrorist, ideologue and mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attack, Hafiz Saeed, resident of Lahore, who has just offered sanctuary in Pakistan to our superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Pakistan was carved out in 1947 to ensure security for this subcontinent's Muslims in a separate homeland. Why, six decades later, has Pakistan become the most insecure place for Muslims in the world? Why are more Muslims being killed each day, on an average, in Pakistan than in the rest of the Muslim world put together?
This continual mass murder is not being done by Hindus and Sikhs, who were once proud residents of Punjab and Sindh but are now merely a near-invisible trace. Some Pakistan leaders even express pride in the fact that non-Muslims , who constituted around 20 per cent of the population in 1947, have been reduced to less than 2 per cent. In contrast, the percentage of Muslims in secular India has increased since independence. Hindus and Sikhs are not killing Muslims in Pakistan; Muslims are murdering Muslims, and on a scale unprecedented in the history of Punjab, the North West Frontier and Sindh. Why?
There have been riots in India, some of them horrendous. But the graph is one of ebb from the peak of 1947. When a riot does occur, as in Maharashtra recently, civil society and media stand up to demand accountability, and the ground pressure of a secular democracy forces even reluctant governments to cooperate in punishment of the guilty. When Shias, or other sectarians, are mass-murdered in Pakistan on a regular basis, the killers celebrate a "duty" well done.
History's paradox is evident: Muslims today are safer in India than in Pakistan. The "muhajirs" who left the cities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in 1947 would have been far safer in Lucknow, Patna and dozens of cities in their original land than they are now in the tense streets and by-lanes of Karachi.
Could Shah Rukh Khan have become an international heart throb if his parents had joined the emigration in 1947? Since he is talented he would have gained some recognition on the fringes of elite society, but he could not have become a central presence of a popular culture that has seeped and spread to every tehsil and village. Nor is Shah Rukh the only Muslim superstar in Mumbai's film world; Salman Khan is bigger than him. Shah Rukh and Salman and Amir Khan do not hide their identity through an alias; their birth name is their public persona.
The television set in my office serves two main purposes: it shows cricket and offers access to an FM radio station which plays old film songs. A song by Muhammad Rafi was on the air while the previous paragraph was being written: Man re tu kahe na dheer dhare. It is a beautiful classic, written by Sahir Ludhianvi. Rafi, as his name confirms, was a Muslim. He was born in 1924 in western Punjab and came to Mumbai as a very young man in search of dreams. Those dreams had not come true by 1947. Rafi had the option of returning to Lahore. He chose to remain in Mumbai, and brought his family in what might be called the reverse direction. It was a wise choice. Mumbai made Rafi's voice immortal. Rafi, like India, was the distillation of many inspirations.
Hafiz Saeed and his ilk possess cramped, virulent minds which condemn the ragas upon which our subcontinent's music, both classic and popular, is based, as inimical. They want to destroy a shared Hindu-Muslim cultural heritage in which Muslim maestros took classical music to splendid heights under the patronage of padishahs, rajahs and nawabs . Instead of art, they possess vitriol, even as the violence they spawn turns Pakistan into a laboratory of chaos. They call themselves guardians of their nation, but they are in fact regressive theocrats who are shredding the Pakistan that Jinnah imagined.
There is an answer to the opening question. Extremists who reduce faith to a fortress do not understand a simple truth: faith cannot be partitioned. Islam was a revelation for mankind; it cannot be usurped by a minor tract of geography. Nations are created by and for men, within boundaries of language or culture or tribe. Religion comes from God; it is not a political tool for human ambition. Those who equate religion with nation distort the first and destroy the second. Pakistan has become a battlefield for dysfunctional forces because theocrats will not permit it to become a rational state.
Logic suggests a reciprocal offer: Pakistani Muslims would be safer in India. But that offer cannot extend to Hafiz Saeed. His mission is to be India's adversary. What he does not understand is that he is really Pakistan's enemy.